Eyeliner enhancement

Eyeliner enhancement, working through your eyelashes until desired thickness is achieved. Working to enhance the eyes natural shape, and giving a sharper look, eyeliner is becoming a very popular treatment, the style of your eyeliner is bespoke to you and you can pick thickness and different styles range from a subtle line through the lashes so a soft flick or even a smokey eye effect. The eyeliner can be on both top and bottom or just the top, You can wake up with your eyes perfectly framed every day.

Eyeliner costs £199 and is part of athree treatment procedure.
Consultation, this can be at the beginning of your treatment or before hand.
First treatment, after the first treatment the eyeliner can soften up yo 50%, at this stage you can play it safe allowing yourself to add thickness on your touch up
The touch up, 4-12 weeks after your initial appointment.
Consultations are free if you wish to discuss any of these treatments