Eyebrows are the most popular treatment just now, the treatment process begins with with a consultation at this stage we will Taylor design your eyebrows shaped and styled to perfectly flatter your facial features, you can also chose your eyebrow style from soft, feathered,realistic hair stroke eyebrows to ombre powdered or even a bolder statement eyebrow.Each eyebrow is as individual as you are and Christina will listen to all your wants and need to ensure you wake up effortlessly perfect everyday.

Eyebrows cost £300 and are part of three treatment procedure. Consultation, this can be at the beginning of your treatment or before hand. First treatment, after the first treatment the eyebrows can soften up yo 50%, at this stage you can play it safe allowing yourself to add thickness or a darker colour on your second treatment.

The touch up, 4-12 weeks after your initial appointment.