Cosmetic Tattooing is more than just the latest Hollywood trend. Fast becoming one of the most requested beauty treatments, it is the non-invasive solution for a youthful, fresh and polished image. Promising guaranteed flawless results, your imperfections and scars are virtually erased and make-up no longer needs retouching. Not to be confused with traditional tattooing, cosmetic tattooing involves subtle enhancements using a muted palette for a natural, soft finish. Perfection is achieved by penetrating the skin´s second layer, the dermis using a technique that produces a three dimensional effect. The results are semi-permanent, unlike traditional tattooing that reaches the third layer. Both men and women alike have embraced cosmetic tattooing. It´s for people who want to wake-up every day looking like they´ve just left the make-up artist´s chair. It´s for people who want to leave everyone wondering how they always look so flawless. It´s for people who want to achieve daily perfection without worrying about smudging and time.

Christina has been working within the beauty industry for 14 years, her passion is making people feel good and beautiful and it was only natural for her to branch out into the permanent cosmetics industry in 2014, she ensures each treatment is bespoke to your requirements and style, facial features, structure, and skin tone, as all these influence the treatment in different ways.

Christina is an artist and will always create a individual treatment result to suit, Eyebrow treatments are a perfect example of this; She uses a range of techniques from 3D hair strokes to powder effect and misting, to create a natural brow to suit the client.

Everyone is different when it comes to the end result she will always create a natural, flattering look for the clients who desire something very subtle, but others may want a more pronounced look. You will be able to discuss this thoroughly at your consultation.